Friday, June 3, 2011


Wow, is it already Friday again?  This week has flown by, I know that's because it was a short week, but honestly they usually feel the longest!  I was supposed to blog last night but I've been busy this week learning to crochet.  Once I figured it out I had to crochet some flowers, which was the reason I was learning.  They are less then perfect, but I will post some pictures later. 

I've knitted for some time now, but when I am looking for knitting patterns I usually run across the most beautiful crochet patterns.  My mom crochets so I've always wanted to learn.

So the reason it had to happen this week was because I got this idea.  I'm always looking for something to bring in extra income because it's tough... I know you guys know what I'm talking about.  So I got this idea from other bloggers with etsy shops.  They are doing well, so why can't I?  I am going to crochet flowers and make headbands, clips and pins out of them.  I figure there will be other items in my shop, but that is what I'm working on now.  I'm excited!! :0)

So here's my FAVORITE shot for the week... Well there are a few of them.  Hope you guys don't get tired of seeing my Emma or my front porch LOL :0)


Here's my favorite non-Emma shot


Liked it so much I had to do it in Sepia

Whoops, sorry!  Since I didn't post much at all this week you got overloaded with pictures ;0) Hope you don't mind...



  1. Your girl has such pretty eyes and I love the flower shot - I think in color a little more. Have a great weekend! PS: I'm now following so I can't wait to see more from you.

  2. I think Emma is as sweet as any flower. :) I can see why you like photographing her. And your yellow flowers are soft and lovely. Thanks so much for linkin up to crazy days of summer. Can't wait to see your crocheted flowers!

  3. I love your photos of Emma! She has a sweet smile and I love that wispy hair... what better way to practice than photographing the girl you love?

    Your Marigolds are so pretty (I especially like the yellow color :)

  4. I like those sweet baby feet! My 18mo. old must always climb to the highest point possible as well :) I like your sepia flowers. I too posted a color and b&w for my fab friday shot.

  5. Cute shots! I love the second to last picture and the edit!

  6. cute photos! great sepia!

    via Fabulous Friday

    Light Trigger

  7. The flowers in sepia are so dreamy! :)


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