Sunday, May 29, 2011

Summer Fun in the Sun

Emma and I got up yesterday morning and went to target.

When we got there we went straight to the swim suits where we found this adorable red and white polka-dot swim suit.

Then we went over to the hats and got her that cute little white hat that will keep her little head from getting burned.

After that we had to ran over to the pool area and grabbed this cute little pool.  We don't really have enough flat ground in the back yard to get anything bigger so this one is big enough for Emma and Mommy (or Grandmom)  to sit in and enjoy some cooling off time in this heat.

So Emma got in and enjoyed fishing with her fishing pole that Grandmom got for her.

Mommy didn't think to warm up the water and man was it freezing see her teeth chatter below.

Can't not post a shot of the thighs

She didn't stay in long because the water was cold, but she liked the pool and I imagine she and grandmom will make use of it this week! :0)

Happy Memorial Day!


  1. beautiful pictures of a beautiful girl!!

  2. I love these pictures. The capture of the back of her with the fishing pole and dolphin is so crisp. The color is perfect! She is a cutie for sure.


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