Sunday, April 29, 2012

I'm hosting Finagle a Foto!!!

Hey guys, hope you'll come join us at Finagle a Foto!! I'm hosting this week and I have to say it's an honor!  We need some more people to join in!! :0)  This week's challenge is 8pm - what does your day look like @ 8pm. :0) It's a fun one! 

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Finagle a Foto {11} 8pm

Well, I'm honored to be hosting over at Finagle a Foto today!  I know I'm judging, but wanted to share some pics anyhow :0)  My 8pm usually goes something like this.  Sometimes I am reading her a book by 8, but that's very rare.


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Friday, April 27, 2012

Changes in my life

Well, I alluded to the fact that there are some changes being made in my life right now.  I have started a diet called the 17 day diet.  I know what you're thinking "fad diet", but it is really a healthy way of living diet.  I started it on Monday and it is going really well, I will weigh again on next Monday and we will see how much I've lost.  If you've never heard of it, it's sort of like the South Beach diet except in the first cycle you can have a few fruit a day.  A doctor came up with it and you pretty much don't eat bad carbs and you eat lots of protein and veggies for the first cycle (which is a 17 day cycle - hence the name).  Oh, and drink lots of water. 

I'm telling you, I have not ever had an easier time of it doing any other diet.  I just recently did weight watcher (for the 3rd time) and I failed miserably so here I am and I have already lost 3 lbs - yeah, I had to step on the scales yesterday morning haha.  That is more than I lost in a week on ww.  Anyhoo, the second cycle you add some things in like beans, sweet potatoes and other things. I am extremely excited about this because I can see it being successful.  Anyhoo, I have no post related pics haha... so I thought I'd share a couple of my fave pics from my newborn session - from a couple of months ago.  I seriously cannot wait to take some more newborn pics!!!



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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Finagle a Foto {#10}

So I know I should totally think about these things, I've read articles about them, but rarely think about it when I'm taking a picture, however... I did think about leading lines when I saw my little Em sitting here:

Leading Lines
leading lines

Ok, look now or forever hold your peace, you will not see many pics of me on my blog right now, however I am in the midst of change in my life so I will be much more comfortable with myself soon. Anyhoo, I just threw this together and I think I'm a nerd... or I like to call myself a dork and ya know what?!? Being a dork is fun! :0)
Let me tell you, it is hard to keep the lighting perfect on these shots.   I have not figured out if you can group edit in elements.  That would be very helpful.  This looks like the light is flickering, but alas it is the editing.

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Creating a GIF on Photoshop Elements 10 {tutorial}

I have been meaning to try making a GIF in Elements since I saw that Ashley had done it on CS5.  You can go here and see where I did it on Gimp.   It is very simple and a little tiny bit different then CS5. 

  1. I opened up 5 images in Elements, edited them to my liking  and resized them to be 890x593 for the web.
  2. Copy and paste the 2nd-5th images on top of the first image one at a time in order.  There will be 5 different layers in your first image after you do this step. (you copy and paste by going to the image that you want to copy and use the select tool to select the whole image then go to edit>copy, switch over to the image you want to paste it onto and go to edit>paste) There is most definitely an easier step to this, it is just all I know because I am very new to elements myself.
  3. Now you will go to File > Save for Web  this step will bring up a box with your images. 
  4. On the right side at the top you will check "animate"
  5. At the bottom you will make sure that "loop" is checked and then I left the "frame delay" on 2 but if you'd like it to go slower you can chose a higher number. 
  6.  Hit "Okay" and then save somewhere you will be able to find it.

Then I just uploaded it to my flikr account 
 - Note- it will not show the animation on flikr, but when you post it to your blog you will see it then.

Here's Emma playing in her sand box today.   I can't wait to try this out again.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A few more Emma Moments that I couldn't resist sharing


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Jumping, giggling and drawing {fun with emma}

Over the weekend Emma and I played outside for a small while.  We blew bubbles and colored the sidewalk with chalk (not to mention the side of the house haha).  She jumped and  giggled and loved on her rocks.  She's such a character.  I didn't get any bubble pictures because I totally decided no camera when I went out... but I just couldn't resist chalk pictures.  After the chalk she was hopping up and down such a goof ball.  I <3 her! 





 then, she {snapped}

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Something that made me lol

Oh my, have you guys seen the Kraft Mac & Cheese fb page lately?  It is their 75th anniversary so they decided to let 2 80 year old women take over their social media for 3 days.  I am so thankful to Mandy on Air1 for bringing this to my attention.  These ladies are so cute!  They are learning and we get to watch.  You've got to check it out hahahah!

So funny! There are more! Go check out the fb page, they have been posting pics and things. It's fun! Thanks for stopping in!

Monday, April 9, 2012

In Over My Head?

So, I've been asked to do a women's event in May. Indoor portraits... I guess I will have a little booth and people will stop and get a picture if they want one. I don't know... I've never done anything like that before. On one hand I don't want to say no because it's a great opportunity. - I'll be able to get my name out there and possibly get some clients. Maybe make some money doing it. It's trying something new and I'm sure it will be fun. On the other hand, I've never done this before. I don't have indoor portrait studio stuff and I wouldn't know how to use it if I did. The best I will be able to do it my onboard flash and possibly a sheet background. Is that terrible? I mean, I do outdoor stuff and maybe I shouldn't even attempt this. BLAH! I am not sure.

Thanks for stopping in on my confusion and indecisiveness. ;0)


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Just Thursday and some Texture

First of all, I have to say that it is going to take me a bit to get used to the new blogger.  I am pretty used to change thanks to facebook, but I was really used to the old blogger and this is pretty different!  Not sure if I like it yet.  I'm sure I will in time - right before they change it again.

Anyhoo, thought I'd play around with some pics I took on Sunday evening.  There are these beautiful dogwood trees right outside our church and I got them at the right time last year, but this year I waited too long and the poor little blooms were pitiful.  I did get some ok shots, but I wish I'd done it sooner.  Who knew they die so quickly.  So I was playing around with texture last night, which I haven't done in a long time and I realized I am a little rusty!  Needing more practice and maybe I'll run over to Kim Klassens and watch a few tutorials.  She's the best.  All of my textures come from her for FREE!!!!  She emails a couple times a week so I may never ever need another texture again in my life... :0)  Love her! So I used one of hers on this pic and I hope I did it justice.  Like I said in my last thurs "random thurs" - the linky that never was - post... I stink at being objective about a photo I have worked on for a long time.  You be the judge.

IMG_8765 copy
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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

First Spring Photo Session

I had planned to have an Easter Mini Session and was so excited!!  There were about 5 families involved and it was going to be great.  Then 2 families cancelled because of conflicting schedules and then we got rained out.  So I rescheduled for last Saturday and once again got rained out!!  I guess those types of things are better planned when you have a studio.  On the same note I have been cancelled on by 3 clients that were either paying very little or nothing at all recently.  I don't feel right charging much because I don't have much experience but sometimes I think it would be better if I had a deposit then people would be invested in it and wouldn't cancel.  Anyhoo, that isn't going to happen, but it's just disappointing when people cancel because I get so excited about taking pictures of people I don't know.  It's just different.  Well, enough of that!  I did get to take Spring pics of my friend's little girls.  These girls are just beautiful and sweet and funny.  I had a blast.

~Sweet Sisters~

~Silly Girls~
Silly Girls

sweet - Easter

Alivia is a girly girl, loves to pose for pictures and has the most gorgeous red hair I've ever seen!

Abby is the quiet one.  She's sweet and cuddly and I just love those beautiful big brown eyes!

Chloe is so beautiful and sweet and loves to have fun, I rarely see her without a laugh and a smile. Chloe

Sweet ChloeSweet Alivia
Here's sweet Abby for my rule of thirds entry to finagle a foto
Sweet Abby
Happy Jax

Hope you enjoyed these, I loved taking them and editing them.

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