Sunday, February 19, 2012

Alexandria Sneak Peek {Newborn Photography Knoxville, TN}

Hey guys, here's a sneak peek to a newborn session that I did today. I have to say this is by far my favorite kind of photography. Little Alexandria was just 8 days old and the most beautiful little baby girl! She was so sweet and calm most of the time. Of couse when she got a little cold she was unhappy so we tried to keep her warm. I'd get unhappy to if I were cold! Anyhoo, I just enjoyed every moment of it. I wasn't brave enough to do no diaper yet haha, I wanted to, but I am just so inexperienced. I think that will be something down the road when I know what I'm doing somewhat.

Well, hope you enjoy!

IMG_73971 copy

IMG_74811 copy

IMG_74521 copy

IMG_75131 copy

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Thursday, February 9, 2012


Building your brand, building your brand building your brand!!!  Have you ever read so much about one subject and knew less about it afterwards then when you first started reading????  I feel this way about branding.  I guess that's because I've not had any classes on the subject.  I don't know where to begin.  My poor little photography hobby that I want to be a business has had 3 names already and I still am not set on the one I've got now. Right now I am using RSPhotography, which I'm not in love with.  It's for Rebekah Suzanne, I didn't want to use my last name because it is changing and may change again in the future...   I have gone over and over what my logo will look like, but honestly... I have no clue!!!  Every day I happen onto someone else's photography blog and find the most beautifully creative logos, and I don't want to rip someone off... so why can't I come up with my own?  BLAH!  It's the hardest thing, but then I've never been good at coming up with name -  proof is in the title of my blog haha!

I know my photography hobby is not professional level yet and I am cool with that.  There is just so much to learn, but my goal is to come up with my brand and then grow it into a business.  I mean, you can't become a photographer if you have no experience in photography... or atleast I can't.  So why is this branding thing so hard?

So like I said right now my name is RSPhotography here is a list of what I've thought of:
Forget Me Not Photography - I would use a forget me not flower in the logo somewhere.  I like this because my thought was "for the memories you don't want to forget" kind of thing. I actually did pay to use this name already so technically it is my business name (that is if I take money from people -which I don't).

Then I started seeing the trend of using your name as the business name.  I really like the idea, but then it seems a little plain... but I went through:
Becky Sue Photography
Well, that's really all I've got.

Thanks for reading my ramblings today.  Just for that here's another photo from my walk  a few weeks ago:

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I still have not lifted my camera to my face since the wedding I shot.  It feels weird.  I really want to join in on photo challenges, but then I just get busy doing other things.  I've knitted 2 hats so far.  Is that right? Knitted?  Or is it I've knit 2 hats so far... I'm not sure.  Anyhoo, I want to do 2 more before the 14th.  Trust me when I say they are not the greatest.  They will keep little  heads warm though and that's what matters. 

Anyhoo, like I said, I haven't picked up my camera (sad), but I did play with photoshop a bit last night (happy).  Here's what I was working on:

Here's after:
After Edit

I was going for creepy, like she was running from something. I love Elements!!! There is so much for me to learn on that program, but if I mess around for a while it usually works out somehow haha!  Please excuse the quality of the photo, I think I resized it too small or something.

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Friday, February 3, 2012

Small Things for Small Ones

I have not been online a lot in the evenings this past week so I haven't gotten any blogging done.  I guess I could go ahead and share with you what I'm doing!  I'm knitting a hat to send to Air1 for a baby at the hospital in Afghanistan.  They are teaming up with Cure International and doing some great things.  I just love the idea of praying over a little hat and the little head that will be inside of it.  They also want us to write out a note just for the family that recieves the hat.  It's small, but it's something!

  Not too long ago the Lord broke my heart for these little babies in other countries.  Especially the ones that are unloved.  That is the hardest thing to think of, but there are precious little babies out there that have no one!  Oh how heart breaking.  I don't know what He wants me to do about it though.  I am praying He leads me where He wants me.