Friday, June 17, 2011

Favorite Day, Favorite Shot

Don't you just love that feeling you get on Summer Thursday evenings?  Maybe it's just me, but I start feeling free. 

{Monday} I feel very encumbered with things that need to be done.
{Tuesday} I feel joy because Monday is over.
{Wednesday}I feel hope because the work week is 1/2 way through.
{Thursday} I feel giddy because I only have one day left - Thursday evenings I start feeling that freedom that comes with the weekend.
{Friday} -THE DAY!!!  The one that comes before Saturday and the evening I can do what I want and know that I don't have to get up for work in the morning!  YAY! FREEDOM IS HERE!

Here's my favorite shot of the week:
Emma Kay bright and happy

So, quick thought... when did it become not embarrassing to pull out a massive camera at a local restaurant during dinner and take pictures.  At what point did I become desensitized to what other people think?  How in the world did I get to the point that I have to ask people "is this embarrassing for you?".  I say this because Sunday I reached so naturally for my camera at dinner because my daughter was standing on the booth seat beside the window.  The light was hitting her face just right and there was a nice little tree outside that would have made for a sweet picture.  I would've snapped it real quick and then put the camera away.  I looked up to faces of horror and asked "would this be embarrassing" to which my father replied "yes".  I put it away and that was that. I think it's great that I feel comfortable shooting anywhere.  I guess the question should  be "Why is it embarrassing?"


  1. What a little sweetheart. I think the shot is adorable as it is :) I've been looking forward to Friday since about Tuesday, but then again, work was SUPER busy this week.

  2. Oh my, she's just precious!!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Really cute but I know what you mean. At some point, you just have to ignored others and do what you love!

  4. I agree with Ashley, I'm still working on feeling comfortable enough to pull my camera out anywhere. Great color in the shot.

  5. Such beautiful blue eyes! I'm visiting from Fabulous Friday's linkup. I also have a Favorite Photo of the Week Challenge over on my blog if you would like to participate. :)

  6. WOW, this is just beautiful!! I LOVE her dress and matching hanky. CUTE CUTE CUTE

  7. Oh yeah - that looks great. Thanks for letting me know that it all worked out. :)

  8. She's adorable... I love her blue eyes and her matching dress and head scarf! :)


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