Saturday, June 25, 2011

Saturday Slip n Slide

I am changing up the look of my blog a bit.  Not a lot, but I've just been playing around with it so just bare with me until I can get it figured out :0).

Today I feel like I got a lot done.  Maybe it's because I mopped the kitchen floor.  Anytime I complete a task I  feel as though I've won the lottery or something LOL.  Most weekends are wasted.  Not that I think relaxing is wasting time, relaxing is so important!  Usually I end up wishing I'd accomplished something so my point is that this weekend I can think about that mopped floor and the cabinets full of groceries and know that I accomplished something  

So after I mopped we ran out for a bit and when we got back home we pulled out the sip n slide and Emma some fun before her nap.

Hope you guys are having a great weekend!  I hope to pop in tomorrow for Scavenger Hunt Sunday!  See ya then! ;0)

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  1. Lovely photos, looks like that slip n slide is a lot of fun!

    I think I'm the same way as you, I don't feel as though I ever accomplish much on the weekends. But time spent relaxing with family is never wasted time! Hope you have a great weekend.


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