Friday, June 24, 2011

Storyboard Templates make me HAPPY! {Fabulous Friday!}

My very first attempt at a storyboard! :0)  I found some free templates online which I'm so happy about!!! Yippee!!  Anyhoo, I took Emma out on the front porch this evening before the storm so it was cool.  We did some coloring and some cloud watching.
That middle shot is my fave shot of the week!

There are a bunch of templates and this is probably the simplest one.  I thought I'd start out with something easy.  These are so easy too, they are for photoshop, but because, as I've eluded to before, Gimp is so similar, it is easy to translate Photoshop tutorials into Gimp.  Although I have seen photoshop and it is much neater looking and does have a lot more nifty things than the free one does, Gimp does the job for now. 
You can download the templates at Ginger Pixel.  They really are very easy and fun to use.  The hardest part is just finding the right picture to put in the spots.
Here is another template. It's pretty neat.


  1. I love a simple storyboard - I sometimes just throw them together myself but I love the layout of that second one with the color blocks. Very nice.

  2. Thanks for the link. The middle shot of the first one is my favorite too - so cute!!


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