Friday, June 17, 2011

{Dodging} the {burn} by Sliding ;)

I am sooo... excited about learning how to dodge/burn to brighten and darken a picture.  I knew there was a way, but I had no idea it was this easy!  Thanks so much to Ashley at Ramblings and Photos for sharing a tutorial!                                                          
This is before
Emma at the park before edit
 This is after
Emma at the park after edit
I lightened her face and upper body was too shaded and I darkened her legs a bit.  They were a little too blown out but I didn't think I would be able to use this picture before.  :) 
Also does anybody know what I am doing wrong with my picture quality?  These pictures were very clear before I uploaded them.  Are the files too big for blogger or something?  Thanks!

-Side note, please ignore the bottom of the edit LOL... I guess I didn't realize that I missed the bottom of the picture, lol... I'm too lazy to fix it right now.


  1. Have you looked at my tutorial on sharpening for the web? Also, I never load to blogger because it does a weird compression on photos.

  2. She's very cute! Looks like she's having a great time. Sweet captures!

  3. Really great edits! She is the cutest!!! I am just starting to learn all the fancy editing tricks, w/ my "un-fancy camera." HaaHa. My hubby got me pse 9 for mothers day & I still am trying to figure it out. Thank goodness for Picnik! Lol.


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