What about Me?

Welpie, I'm a single momtographer who works fulltime loves Jesus, Emma and photography.  I sell Origami Owl on the side and photograph whoever will pay let me.  I'm a dreamer and a romantic so I tend to be a little um... on the flitty side but I think that's a good thing ;).

Here on my blog you will read about Emma and God and the 'd' word... um ya know, divorce... single parenthood and well just about anything else that may tickle my fancy.  I try to mix it up and spice it up.  Sometimes I will just post an image or sometimes I won't post any at all *gasp*, just words...  follow me and comment, I love comments, but then again doesn't everyone? 

Well, if you want to know anymore about me then you will just have to read my posts ;) or ask.