Monday, July 11, 2011

Talkin to myself...

Have you ever had a whole conversation with yourself in your head?...
I have them all the time.  It's pretty funny afterwards when I think "did I say that outloud?".  You see, when I am conversing with myself, the outside world fades away. When I was a child they called it "make believe" now they call it "crazy". Go figure!

Today at work I walked into the bathroom and the whole time I was in there I was having one of these conversations.  I had walked pass the mirror and it triggered the thought "my shirt looks like a tent on me" because well, I've lost 20 lbs and I need to stop wearing it.  So that thought led to how much I wanted to lose and I was just having this conversation with myself about it... (now you know the innerworkings of my twisted mind).  On my way out I hear this big bang in the first stall.  That's when I realize someone is in the bathroom with me.  I could feel my face going red as I rushed out of there and tried to remember if I had said anything out loud.  Sometimes I do accidentally say stuff out loud (yes, I realize this does make me look crazier!).  So either someone heard me talking to myself or not, but either way, I still don't know why they were banging on the side of the stall. ;0)

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