Friday, July 29, 2011

Hey, It's Friday!!! :0)

So I was trying to figure out what my favorite shot of the week was... I think it was this one:


I just enjoyed creating that shot so much and then when I saw the finished product, I was pleased... is that ok to say about my own shot?... ;0)

This one was in a VERY close 2nd:


Truly, this is my very favorite shot from my friend Lori's Maternity session. I just love the lighting, the background, the soft warm feeling of it. It makes me happy.

 Saturday when I got to the garden to take Lori's pictures, I was so nervous and excited.  When we got right down to it, it was nerve racking, but it was so great!  I felt like I found my spot in life.  When I tell people how much I enjoy it they usually say, "Well, yeah, taking pictures is fun!"  It is a hobby, but I think it can be a lucrative one.  Maybe one day I will be able to do it full time, but for now I am happy to work at doing it part time at least.  I need a 2nd income and wouldn't it be great if Photography could be it???  

Anyhoo, I know I'm a ways off from actually making money, I mean, I just learned to use the stinkin thing! :0)

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Have a GREAT Friday!


  1. You know what? Poopoo on that woman at work. There are plenty of people that make money from photography. You can do portrait sessions, you can sell images, turn your photos into greeting cards and sell them at a local shop, on iStock, the possibilities are endless. If you want to do it and you have the drive, go for it. Don't let people like that rain on your parade.

  2. I love both of these images. And yes, you can totally make money off photography. Keep working at it and you never know what might happen.

    Marla @

  3. Ignore that woman at work - in a weird way, I'm sure she was trying to be supportive.

  4. Awesome! I love the flower picture!

  5. your first photo is amazing! love the background...

  6. I love both of these captures, just gorgeous. Thanks for linking up!

  7. Aww I miss being pregnant! gorgeous pictures huni x x x x


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