Friday, July 22, 2011


Am I really going to get up in the morning and drive out to my first photo session that is not for my daughter????? I am sick to my stomache... is that a good thing?

  The questions going through my brain right now are as follows:
1. What if I totally forget how to use my camera?
2. What if I don't get any good pictures?
3. What if She doesn't like any of the pictures?
4. What if it's totally awkward and I can't overcome the awkwardness?
5. What if I can't make her feel comfortable enough to look natural in the pictures?
6. What if I get sick right now while I'm thinking about this?
7. What if my camera gets broken on the way tomorrow which ruins the photo session and I'm not ever able to get it repaired so my future as a photographer is ended in that moment? 
8. What if you guys read this and realize I am absolutely nuts and stop following giving me a complex and I'm not able to get up in the morning from my depression?

(diversion tactics-must get them to look away from the innerworkings of my crazy worrying brain)

Hey guys, Look at this!



  1. How exciting!! You can do it! And very funny... the distraction thing! lol I can't wait to see what great photos you take :-)

  2. Hehe, I'm sure you'll relax when you get into it! Would love to hear your feelings on how the shoot went!


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