Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Sweet 2 year old Emma Kay

Happy 2nd Birthday to my sweet girl! Everyday I realize you are growing so fast.  You have quickly turned from a baby into a toddler in the past year.  I can't believe it!  Soon enough you will be asking me for the keys to drive the car and not to just push the button to hear the noise it makes. 
Disclaimer - this post is picture loaded

On this day 2 years ago at approximately 5:40pm-ish you came into this world to change my life forever.
You were so swollen! You weighed 9lb 8oz and were 21 inches long

It didn't take long for the swelling to go down.

You captured every one's hearts right from the start! Nobody ever wanted to lay you down.  You were held a LOT! :0)  See that chair in the background?  It was hardly used!

Your first Christmas was such a wonderful time! It was my first Christmas as a Mommy!
You were quite the chunker!

Your first birthday was a momentous occasion!  Everyone came over to celebrate with you and you discovered your love for cake!

You are growing up so fast! Please slow down, Emma Kay!

But don't lose your goofiness! I love it!
Sittin on the pot ;0)

Just for fun

Have a wonderful 2nd birthday!  I know you can't wait to have cake!


  1. Happy Birthday to Emma! Hope she has a great birthday!

  2. Emma is just a doll! Happy HAPPY Birhtday sweet girl! Adorable shots & such sweet words!

  3. These photos are very precious.


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