Friday, March 25, 2011

Theme Thursday - Active and some other things

I'm linking up with Nicole @ Another Day Another Diaper and Jennifer @ A Beautiful Life for Theme Thursday.  This week the theme is "Active" so here it is:

This picture is from a few weekends ago when I took Emma to the park.  She had a blast going down the slide... Oh look, theres that outfit she had on in last weeks theme LOL... I like it... can you tell?

Well we made a quick trip to WV this week and here is a picture that I took on the way.  I can't believe how blue her eyes look.  I didn't touch them up at all.  The picture was a little blown out... well it still is, so I made it a bit darker and softened the color a bit them used the soft focus setting in Picasa 3 and that's it.
I love how it turned out, but I guess it is still a lot blown out actually... 


  1. Aw. I love both shots! I am the same way with outfits for the girls. Sometimes they want the same clothes over and over again. It's a cute outfit! Thank you for linking up!

  2. Hi again Becky! I don't see you in the linky?

  3. Too fun! Looks like a great time! Thank you so much for linking up again!! :)

  4. Hello
    Stopping by to check out your Theme Thursday photos...Looks like your little one had fun Love the second photo. Cute face.
    Have a good one!!


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