Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Last night I played around with my camera, found out that my 18-55mm lens will take better indoor pictures w/o the flash then I thought it would. I read a little about ISO! It was very helpful for indoors, but also for outside. I took some pics tonight on the way to church. Some of them turned out nice once I edited them. I can't believe I took them. I know they are very ameteur, but I like them.

I know you can see the telephone pole on the right and the annoys me, but I think this looks pretty nifty.

She's so pitiful!  :0)  She seems to be able to summon those tears much easier nowadays.  It really can pull at your heart strings if you aren't careful!!!


  1. I love the blog change up! Your header looks good and what a cutie. One little tear. Aw. So sweet. Yes image stabilization is definitely my friend! Love it so far!

  2. Thank you! It took me forever to figure this page layout thingy out. I think my page is too dark. I think I'm gonna definitely brighten it up for spring.
    -She is rotten :0), it's amazing how quickly they learn to work you!


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