Sunday, March 27, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Well, this week flew by.  I can't believe that March is practically over!  I had wanted to do some really creative shots for this weeks hunt, but we had some unexpected travels to do so I just pulled these pictures together today.  I really want one day to work throughout my week like I'm supposed to, but a few of these are from my archives... although they are all pretty recent.  Anyhoo, I love seeing what other peoples interpretations of the items are as well.

1. Decay
I actually did take this picture this week on the way to WV.  Those big white dots that you see are the raindrops on the car window.

2. Group of 3

I took these last weekend, but I couldn't find any groups of 3 that I liked in my photos.

3. Things that make you go Hmmm

I recently visited a new campus that the school I work for purchased this was inside.  The building used to be a Philips headquarters.  I just thought this would turn out to be a semi neat picture... we were hoping none of the phones would start to ring! :0)

4. In the Kitchen

This was taken this week as well.  It's Emma with my Papaw at my Granparent's house in their kitchen.  They were having a good time :0)  She loves her Great Papaw! 

5. Me Time

Well, I know this is strange, but this weekend I spent a laaaaaarge amount of my "me time" (meaning when Emma's alseep) creating a template and a title for my blog (I have another blog called All things).  Turns out the template I made is for Word press.  Anyhoo,  I couldn't use it, but this is how I spent my me time this week :0).

Thanks for looking, please check out Ashley Sisk's link up here:

BTW, I don't know what's wrong with this post, but the photos won't show up.  If you click on the small squares they will pop up.  I am trying to fix it though.


  1. woof, becky!
    i can't see any pictures.
    methinks some furries ate it.
    and i ain't clickin any box.

  2. LOL... well, that's just strange. I am probably going to repost and delete this one. I don't know what happened. Thanks for the heads up!

  3. I liked your pictures. They wouldn't show up for me unless I clicked the box. No biggie. :)

    Loved your group of three, and especially the one of your daughter with her Great-Pawpaw. So special! Our girls are also lucky enough to know one of their Greats. :)

  4. Oh. And that phone made me go "Whoa!" out loud. :) That's a lotta phones.

  5. Ok, thanks. I tried to repost with just the pictures, but for some reason this is happening every time. I don't know what's wrong. It's always worked for me before.

  6. I had to click on the pictures too but no worries - I loved your things that make you go hmmm shot! Very interesting.

  7. I loved your hmmm shot, but my favorite was the kitchen shot with papaw. Great captures!

  8. Great pictures...I'm glad I finally realized i could click the boxes!

  9. Great decay shot & hmmm shot - so unusual! :)

  10. Thanks everyone. I found out that it was a problem that Google is having with Internet explorer. I edited it in firefox and it worked.


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