Saturday, March 26, 2011

My very own template- even if it is useless LOL

Ok, I'm extremely irritated... well, not extremely, but somewhat. I wanted so terribly to learn how to create my own blogger template so I googled it. I am "google" queen. I love google, honestly don't know what I did before it was created. Anyhoo, so I found this tutorial on how to create one. I spent several hours last night and a few this morning working on my very first template... I finished and was semi happy with my ending product. It needs a few tweaking here and there and it is missing a few things but for the most part I'm finished. So I go to try and put it in my "test blog" to see if it works... well I then found out that it was a word press tutorial, not a blogger tutorial. So... I wasted a lot of time. Here it is, I did learn a lot about Gimp while doing this so it wasn't a complete waste, but I hate not to use it after all that time so I just thought I'd put it here in my post LOL.


  1. OH no! Well, it certainly is pretty! I've had some issues with backgrounds on here. I wanted to make my own, but it only lets you upload a certain size and I had worked on it and worked on it and in the didn't work. Too funny!

  2. Hey, stopping in to see what is new and you're not here! I love your new header and look! Glad to see it worked out in the end!


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