Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Aquarium

Well, I have to say that I am a little disappointed in how my photos worked out today.  I took over 300, which to me is probably the most I've taken on one day :0).  Just a handful actually turned out.  I've learned that even if a picture looks good on the back of the camera... doesn't AT ALL mean that it will be a good picture... :0)  I have a lot to learn, but I think it was mostly my lens.  The aquarium was dark and I had my ISO on 1600, my focus was on al servo... I still haven't learned what I need to about white balance, but don't know that it would have made any difference.  Here are a few for your viewing pleasure... or displeasure ;0).


  1. I hear you. I have been having trouble figuring everything out and I've learned that ISO is good, but will create noise if you have it up too high. Also, I'm working on blur. I tend to follow my subject (kids) which creates a super blur. I like your shots though! My favorite is of her with the hands on the glass and the seahorse turned out awesome!

  2. Thanks! Yeah, I read that about ISO too, but I was under the impression that the darker the room the higher it needed to be. Maybe I should've played around with that more.


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