Wednesday, June 6, 2012

WW - Cupcakes and Emma and Fruit Oh My!

One of these days I'm going to share a story about this past Monday, it was a day of significance.  A day that will forever be remembered.  A day that I never thought would come to pass in my life.  A day that I've anxiously awaited in the good sense and the bad sense.  Anyhoo, I will write a post.

So for "not so wordless" wordless wednesday...
My Mom and sister have been tossing around the idea of starting a cake business, or a cupcake business, or such.  So they've been practicing their techniques trying to come up with their own style.  I took some pics of my Mom's recent batch for her.  and then I got carried away with my camera and the window light and the fruit and veggies :0).  Then lastly I of course have to share my beautiful Emma, No, make that first!





and I totally realize now that I should've cleaned the top of the stool off and the tomato!!! Blah!!



 then, she {snapped}     



  1. That lighting is fantastic! If I had of seen that I totally would have taken lots of pictures, too!

  2. The lighting is fantastic, great shots! Those first two are so beautiful!

  3. Oh Emma is just the cutest! LOVE the angle & that look on her sweet face!

    OH cupcakes! Those look SOOOOOO good.... I want to eat them w/ my face! Lol) Spectacular foody pics my friend. Dang your good! xo

  4. Those cupcakes look divine! I love the black and white!!


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