Friday, June 8, 2012

All Boy {I heart Faces}

So I'm right down to the wire on this one. I honestly couldn't think of a pic to enter, but then this one from my recent session with Brennan popped into my mind. heehee hope it works.

All Boy - I <3 faces
This was after the session was pretty much over and he got to play with the toys since he was such a great little guy through the whole thing.  This scene was just sweet, I thought.  I love how candid it is.
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  1. great moment caught in his sense of wonder and curiosity here.

  2. What a sweet moment you captured! Love your processing too! Awesome!

  3. Yes, so sweet! Love the low angle, too.

  4. Such a sweet sweet moment! Candid shots will always be my favorites. Lovely light!


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