Thursday, June 7, 2012

a little bit of flowers

So, I thought I'd share this shot of one of the blooms on our porch.  I have no idea what kind of flower it is.  Honestly, I get even the basic flowers mixed up... :0)

I am so ready for tomorrow, I think I should rename my blog "Counting Down Days Till Friday"  or "Wishing my Life Away for the Weekend".... or "Why can't everyday be Saturday?" or ... well, you get the idea heehee.  I guess it stems from the fact that I really don't enjoy my job.  Maybe one day.  I'm trusting God has a plan for my life.  Ok here's the pic!  Happy Thursday everyone!


Oh and if yous guys are wondering about my diet, it's going well, I haven't lost a lot more weight, but I know I've lost more inches, anyhoo, I'm going to jump back to the first cycle and maybe I will see a weight that I haven't seen in years. Now I'm trying to get down to a decent weight by October so I can feel good at the beach, maybe ride some bikes or something. We'll see ;0)!



  1. TGIF mama! Beautiful bloom!

    You go girl, I SO need to start being more healthy & working out. I actually started going on a run (more of a "older person mall power walk) when Greg got home from work... but he's working later now. I guess I could go w/ Jaxy during the day?! Good talk. Lol)

  2. Gorgeous shot Becky; I love it! And woo hoo on the inches lost; way to go!


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