Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Blah blah blah

It's Tuesday and I have nothing to write about lol... Although I did find a new editing site called Picmonkey and I found it through my good bloggy buddy Mel. It's pretty awesome! I made this collage of some instagram pics.


Well, I lied, I do have something to discuss... with those of you interested.  I am contemplating advertising my business on a local site.  The only thing really holding me back is the thought that I might actually get a client... is that crazy?  LOL!  It's the scariest thing in the world.  I want it so bad, but if I can't get past that fear then I will never do it. 

It was the hardest thing for me to set up a fb page and I don't dare ask friends to follow me!!  If they do follow me they found it themselves.  It's not like I don't want them to, I definitely do, but it's that fear rearing it's ugly head again!!!  Yesterday one of the photographers that I admire greatly followed my fb page and I about died.  She did it because I had contacted her, but when I thought of her looking through my pics it made me very selfconscious.  I just wanted crawl up in a hole and hide lol.  Anyhoo... there's a look into my crazy mind.   That is all for now, I'm afraid that's all you can take for the moment.



  1. OH Beck! Girl, you know how awesome I KNOW you are, & what beautiful photos YOU take. I also know how freaking scary it is to put yourself out there. (Probably why I still haven't ordered my biz cards, don't have a fb page, & my photo site is blank.... gosh, I suck. Lol) It's ok to have doubts, but just look at all the beautiful images you have made for your clients, & how much they'll cherish them forever. BECKY YOU ARE A FABULOUS PHOTOGRAPHER. YES. PHOTOGRAPHER! Own your bad ace! Seriously girl, I should take my own advice, but YOU SO should! I know you feel this way just because you care so much about it & it is your dream... go get it mama!! xo

    P/S did I mess ya about the fb photo. club thingeee?

    1. Oh boy, is she GORG or what.. ??? I LOVE your photography Beck, omg, I will totally support ya, I wish you BOTH lived close to me, you will certainly have me as a fun client ;)) I just wanted to chime in alongside Mel and let you ladies know, I ADORE your photography, you are both sooo genius, I see so much in your captures that make me smile and that's what photography is about.. You capture truly beautiful moments.. PLEASE go for it full force.. We all really adore y'all.. SO talented.. Please let me know when you move forward, I'd love to follow along.. wishing you a beautiful evening.. xoxo Marilyn..

  2. I know it can be really scary! Never doubt yourself though. Trust your own judgement and keep movin' forward! You'll do great! I have faith in you :o)


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