Friday, May 20, 2011

all i can do is be me

I'd love to be clever and make you think "isn't that neat"
I'd love to be funny and make you laugh out loud
I'd love to take pictures that take your breath away.
I'd love to tell a story that makes you smile.

Truth is I don't know if I can do any of those things... all I can do is be me.
 I wish I was extremely crafty or that I could connect words together like a puzzle... but I can't.  I wish I was a wonderful cook or that I could make my own recipes, but I can't.  I wish that I was handy and could tell you how to do it yourself... but I'm not and I can't.  all i can do is be me.
"Who are you?"  You ask. 

Well, I am a mommy that makes mistakes.
I am a Christian that Loves the Lord but falls short A LOT!!!
I'm a future ex-wife... not something I brag about.
I am a messy person that deep inside would love to be organized.
{my mess drives me mad}
I am goofy and fun to be around most days.
I enjoy a good laugh.
I can draw, but don't.
I want to be a photographer so badly I can taste it. 
I'm a caring person, but have just recently come to the conclusion that I've lived most of my life very selfishly.
I don't have a favorite color - I love them all!
My favorite season is now spring because there are so many beautiful colorful flowers to shoot.
I love my daughter so much more than I could ever have imagined, but I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to parenting.

 There you have it.  A small glimpse into my soul. 
I have a desire to be loved.
And a desire to Love...
 This is my favorite shot from this week


  1. No one can be anyone else but themselves. :) I love that shot of your little girl.

  2. Love your shots but enjoy the story even more. I feel as if you are talking about me. :) The last shot is fabulous. She looks seriously cute.

  3. I love these. They are wonderful. Love that last one.

  4. she is too sweet - love her eyes!!

  5. the photo of your little girl is so cute!!

  6. Awe she's so cute! Love the color in the first flowers.

  7. These are all beautiful! I enjoyed reading your post :) Your little girl is adorable.

  8. Beautiful post! All you really can do is be you. I have the same problem and I find if I try to be anyone other than me, I end up frustrated and...well more frustrated. My five year old told me this week that she wanted to be someone else because sometimes she made mistakes! I nearly died! I'll tell you what I told her...all you can do is be the best you that you can be and if you do that, it makes me happy. Being you is what you were meant to be, so take it and run with it!

  9. Well, with first time impressions being this wonderful post, I think you're great, honest and live your life in pursuit of growing and improving your character, and that's great! Good on you!!
    I would love to see some of your drawings :) And I'm sure there's plenty of other things your good at.
    The blogging world is so often a place for women to brag about their talents and achievements, and show the pictures of their beautiful life, and life can seem so rosy and perfect looking on the surface. But all of these women have their own shortcomings... bad attitudes, messy cupboards, filthy bathrooms, issues of the heart! Blog hopping is so much fun and inspiring, but sometimes I can feel so overwhelmed with everything i 'want' to be and desiring things and talents i see in others. I really like your post. I just need to be me! You just need to be you! We cannot be everything!
    Nice visiting, from home sanctuary!
    Sorry for my little blog on your blog!!

  10. Your daughter's eyes are so bright, she has a lovely light in them. And your depth of field in your pictures is very nice. I feel like your words could have been something I wrote about myself. I think in truth we are all still trying to figure things out and define who exactly we are.

  11. These are beautiful captures!! Thanks for participating in Fabulous Friday!


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