Saturday, May 21, 2011

Party Bouncer - Thanks Paper Heart Camera!!!

I have say, I'm extremely excited about this little tip from Paper Heart Camera - "The Party Bouncer".  Check out her post to see what it looks like.  It is just like a notecard attached to your on camera flash.  I used a postcard that was just junkmail sitting around.  It worked like a charm.

 I have such an issue with indoor pictures because my house is pretty dark and I just have a kit lens 18-55mm for the moment so it's hard to get shots that aren't grainy.  I HATE flash because it is hard to get eyes when you use it.  Or at least I get a lot of squints and scrunched up faces.  Plus Emma seems to tire of pictures when I am flashing it in her face all day long LOL.  Not only that, but of course it makes the picture flat and there is always a shadow behind the subject and all that.

So I put it on my camera and here are my results.
This was without flash just so you can see how dark it would be.
1/60s  f5.6  ISO200 
I guess I could have opened up the iso a little more.

This one is the deer in headlights flash look - no party bouncer
 1/60s  f5.6  ISO200

With Flash and Party Bouncer
 1/60s  f5.6  ISO200

Such a huge difference.  There is added light, but it disperses it in a way that you can't really tell there was a flash.  I have noticed that you still get those pin lights in the eyes, but they aren't as bad.  I really love it and because I don't have the money for a speedlight or anything like that right now, this is an awesome alternative!!!  Thanks Paper Heart Camera for bringing this to my attention!!!!

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