Saturday, May 14, 2011

Quiet Saturday

Today started off slow with some rain and The Oregon Trail on fb (; .  Then this evening Emma and I went out front to enjoy some fresh air.

We started out with some bubbles but I didn't get any pictures of that because I had to blow the bubbles.  It truly killed me because I really want to get some bubble pictures. 

After the bubbles we moved on to side walk chalk. 

Sometimes it is so hard to pick a color.

Mommy wasn't thinking about the rough drive way and didn't put shoes on Emma.

So her little-big toe got scraped :0(  It hurt!

After going inside to put some shoes on

 we noticed the sky was ominous...
Mommy felt a drop so we took our party to the porch.
We had to include the Giraffe!

Then we had to go yell at the dogs next door for a bit ;0)

Then we got back down to business and drew some pictures on the porch

Mommy - "Emma, do you want a bath?"
Emma - "YES!!"

I know this post is for Saturday, but I am linking up with "Say Hi Sunday" a no rules blog hop!  I like that!!!  :0)

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  1. Can't get enough of sidewalk chalk shots, just love em.


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