Thursday, May 26, 2011

Unnoticed Beauty

Sometimes it takes a camera lens to find the beauty in what we see.  My sister teases me because just since I've had my Rebel I have noticed things that have been there all along.  Things that I didn't seem to care about.  Like a beautiful sky full of fluffy clouds, or an evening sunset. 
Like a dying herb.
...or a newly sprouted tomato.

A tiny white pepper blossom
... that otherwise would have gone unnoticed.

Leaves and things hanging from the bright green trees rimmed in light.

Even the weeds take on new meaning in this new world of light, colors and beauty.

I try to tell her that I noticed these things before, but the truth is that I didn't look at them the same.  I didn't have the same appreciation for morning light pouring through the window or the sunset shining out from behind the hills and trees.  I didn't look at those lovely fluffy white clouds and think "man, what a great picture" like I do now.  I didn't lean down to inspect a tiny flower or gaze off in the distance at a beautiful tree.  This wasn't part of my life then.  I am so thankful for the new "eyes" God has given me to view this magnificent world He has created!


  1. That's so true - morning light and tiny flowers do take on a new meaning after you get a camera. Great pictures - I love the tomato one! :)

  2. these are lovely shots of your new plants!


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