Thursday, May 5, 2011

Theme Thursday {Desserts}

This is the only shot I have taken of food... seems strange because I LOVE me some food.  I just don't think about taking pictures of it and then it is gone and it's too late to take a picture of it.  My family was actually making fun of me when I was taking this picture.  :0)  The cupcake didn't seem to mind though.  My 4 yr old nephew helped his grandmom decorate it and a few others.   So here it is...

This isn't the greatest picture I've ever taken, neither is it the most mouth watering dessert, but it's all I got. ;0)

I love today because it is my Friday.  My Mom, Sister and I are going to be working on the mothers day ladies lunch for our church on Friday.  It's still work, but at least I won't be cooped up in an office!

Just for fun here is Emma on the way to church last night:
 Tonight I realized that I LOVE evening sun.  It's just the right amount of loveliness to make a picture great!

Silly little Emma! 
(oops) Please excuse the nose crusties LOL... I think it is dry skin.

Thanks so much for stopping in!  Have a GREAT Thursday!


  1. She's a cutie! And there's nothing better than a cupcake with sprinkles, I say!

  2. YUM- Those are my favorite kind of sprinkles. I did a batch very similar a few weeks ago. So good.

  3. I love your cupcake capture. It looks delicious. Yes, I remember when I started participating in challenges and my daughter kept asking why did I take so many pictures or "why are you taking a picture of that." As if I were strange taking pictures of kitchen appliances or something. Too funny. It helps you get out of your shell though. Plus it's fun too! great shots of Emma as well. Lovely little faces! Thank you for linking up Becky!

  4. I love how she mugs for the camera!!

    Cupcake with sprinkles... yum! For my kids, the best part is the frosting with the sprinkles. :)


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