Thursday, April 14, 2011

Theme Thursday - Transportation

Is it Thursday again? Already? I can't believe how quickly life passes by. This week has been ultra busy so that does help it along. Here's my Transportation picture for Nicole and Jennifer's linky.  Oh, and they were kind enough to chose my Spring themed shot to be winner for last week!  I am so happy, that totally made my day!  My very first award!:
Nope it's not mine. :0)  I took the picture out of my car window a while back.

Tonight I have ladies meeting with the women at church then Saturday morning I am taking Emma out to her aunt's boathouse. She's never even been near a lake or river or even a pool for that matter. I took her to the duck pond the other day and she didn't know what to think. I don't know if I will let her get in though... I just get sick inside thinking of the things that could happen. Yes, I am that mom. I worry. I try not to because I know that God is in control, but I have reason to be concerned. I mean, I have a bathing suit/life jacket for her, but what if she's floating along and falls out of it???... is that even possible? I was seriously worried about this. This lake is very deep, it freaks me out.  What do you guys think?  Would you put your not yet 2 year old into a lake??? (I bet I know your answers)  If she doesn't swim, what would she do?  I think it will be a hot miserable time for her.  We shall see. Thanks for checking out my blog.  Check out more Theme Thursdays here:


  1. First, your shot last week was fantastic. You sooo deserve the award! Also, great shot this week! I found it hard to get out and get a shot. I had every intention, but it never happened. Well, I bet you know my pool/lake answer, but I must say I don't just dump the kiddos into the water or anything. Both girls have the freedom (with me by their side) to walk back and forth from the lake to me. Lorelei can go to her waste with me, I've never let her go farther. I usually hold Hannah past knee deep, but she will be older and bigger this year. As for the pool, they say to help them get used to the water to let them jump into the water and you catch them. I encourage it with Hannah because I did not encourage it with Lorelei. She used to float in an inner tube/floatie shaped like a crab. Now Lorelei has a chest/arm swimmer contraption that she swims around the pool by herself. You just have to remember to not show your fears to your kiddos because they mimic their mamas! It's not easy watching kiddos grow up! Oh, and they do have life vests that have a belt that goes under and in between the leg and buckles them in so they can't slip out as well as a "pillow" for their head that would automatically flip them to their back if anything were to happen. Good luck Becky and have fun!

  2. You most definatly deserve your award, such a beautiful capture! Great job this week too! Love the angle of the shot..
    I'm with Nicole on the water thing, getting kiddos used to the water is so good for them! With adult supervision of course!! My boys have been swimming in lakes and pools since they were babies :) have a great week Becky!

  3. Thanks for your thoughts! As soon as I mentioned the lake to my mom she freaked out so I wasn't sure what the best thing to do is. I want to do the right thing. I do want her used to water, I just haven't had the opportunity yet. I'm most definitely getting her in a pool this summer, but I just wasn't sure about the lake. It would be different if it were the side of the lake, but it's on the lake so it's a little different. I will look into one of those life jackets or something I feel comfortable with. Thanks!! It makes me feel a little better!

  4. Congrats on your first award! Great capture! New follower!

  5. Very cool! My uncle used to have a car like this, only yellow.

  6. Came to say congrats on the award!! Great photo of your little girl in the tulips.
    As for water safty you gotta go with your gut.


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