Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring is in the Air and I'm taking pictures!

I just thought I'd share a few more photos from yesterdays trip to the gardens.  People were all over the place having pictures done and I just enjoyed shooting the flowers.  Emma was asleep most of the time so my mom and sister kept her while I shot.  It was great to just go from spot to spot and get my creative juices flowing.  Here are a few for your Spring viewing pleasure!

Then Emma woke up and I took a few of her... before I ran out of space on my card!  I was shooting in RAW and forgot that it took up way more space than in L... Oh well, I still got some good ones and Emma was over it by the time I was done.
Here are a few of her.  I'm saving some other ones for later :0).

 Well, this one was when she was sleeping obviously...

Earlier yesterday after church we had a dinner and I stole a couple of my friends kids and took some pictures of them.  They are precious little girls Alivia and Chloe. These shots were underexposed so I had to lighten them up.  I was quite dissappointed by that fact, but I learned that I should take lots of pictures in several settings so that I can be sure to get the shot I want.  Until of course I know what I'm doing lol! :0)

This is Chloe and I have to say I really enjoyed shooting her!  She was a sweetie, but no smiles until her sister came over.

Then we got a small smile from her.  I really liked these pictures, but it took me a few shots to realize that Alivia's underwear wa showing LOL... I learned a lot yesterday!  So then I had her put her legs down and here's the result:
It turned out cute, but where did Chloe's smile go?  I learned a lot about posing and making sure to look at what you are shooting before hand.  Making sure little girls skirts are down lol!  and like I said, shooting in different settings.  I really did enjoy it a lot.  It was like 5 minutes and I wanted to take more!!!

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  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous gorgeous. Great flower captures and your little one looks adorable! So lucky to have someone sit with Emma so you can wander a little. So nice. Your pictures came out wonderful!


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