Sunday, April 3, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I took very few pictures this week.  Sometimes it is very hard for me to work them in between work/school and child.  I need to take my camera to work with me so I can take pictures at lunch, but I just know if I do I will lose it, it will get stolen or something will happen to it.  It makes me a bit nervous so I don't take it.  Well, I hope you like these.  I took them today at the UT Botanical Gardens.  I was so excited to be going just to take pictures.  It made my evening! :0)

1. High Key
Ok, so I realize that this is just blown out and not high key at all... but I'm pretending.

2. Bedroom
The quilt on my bed.
3. Something Tiny
See that bokeh?... I love it!!!  My first bokeh!!!!
Ok, and these flowers weren't tiny, but they were small... :0)

4. Off in the Distance
My Mom and Sister sitting off in the distance with sleeping Emma while I took pictures of the flowers.

5. Stripes
Thanks for stopping in, wish my pictures were more exciting and creative, but well... it is what it is. :0)

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  1. Very nice job - I really like your high key and what a beautiful quilt.

  2. I love your stripes shot! How imaginative!

  3. Your quilt is gorgeous! And those flowers are all lovely! What a neat place to visit.

  4. love the distance shot!!! flowers...lovely!

  5. Love the stripes shot!



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