Sunday, April 10, 2011

Just for fun :0)

Yesterday Emma was playing around in front of the door and I thought it would be a great time to get some shots.  Please don't think my glass door is dirty.  It is all scratched up from the people that lived here before us.  It looks like they may have let their dogs destroy it.  We just haven't replaced it yet... along with a lot of other things. 

I thought this one was too sweet.  She loves her Grandad.

As soon as she saw me taking pictures she ran to her toy box and found her little plastic camera and started "taking pictures" then she wanted me to use her camera... I think she was trying to trade with me.

"Yummy" she says

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  1. Aw. Just adorable. Wonderful captures of your sweet Emma. Oh, and if you notice in my captures, my windows probably are dirty. Not because I don't clean them, but simply because hands are always on them and when I finish washing them my oldest grabs her hair spray bottle and some kind of rag to clean up the windows after me.


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