Wednesday, May 30, 2012

This is how it is

Guys, I really love blogging, I really do.  Let me tell you how it is though... It goes like this... I get to work and I think of all the great things that I'd like to blog about. I can sit and be so creative when I'm supposed to be working.  But then I don't get any work done... so instead of not doing work I decide to wait until the evening to blog.  When I get home I take care of Miss Emma and by the time she goes to bed all my creative juices that were running rampant that morning are gone.  Drained.  Blah. 

I also just started my classes for the summer and a lot of my evening free time will be going to that so I will probably slack off a bit. BOO... I mean, I have already slacked off a bit and it bites the big one!  I wish I could blog every single day.  It stinks.  I will try to keep it up, but I just wanted you guys to know that I LOVE my bloggy friends and I will blog and visit your blogs asap! Promise!! 

This is definitely how I feel.



  1. Awww, I wish I could blog forever too.. Wouldn't that be tons of fun..? Lets run away into blog-forever world.. lol.. Awesome shot Becks.. xoxox

  2. Oh, how I feel your pain! Even AFTER quitting my job to be a stay-at-home-mommy, I find it hard to blog. Hope it all works out for ya! Miss Emma is a cutie patootie!!

  3. Oh man.... how fun would it be just to blog forever. Being a "professional Blogger," & getting paid for it... would just take all the fun out of it. I commend you Beck, I don't know how you find time for it all. I feel guilty saying I get overwhelmed sometimes too, & I don't work outside of the house. Hang in there mama, I have a feeling you'll not have the same career for long, & will be just doing what you LOVE. (aka being a PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER!!!!) YAY!

    OMGosh. That Em piccy is SUPER adorable. Gorgeous.

  4. I know how crazy it can be! It's actually quite difficult, at times, to keep up with the whole bloggy thing! It can be very time consuming. Love your pic!


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