Thursday, May 24, 2012

Friday Yay! {B&W Conversion in PSE10}

Last night I tried out a b&w conversion on a picture of a my friend's little girl, Abbie.  She's a sweety, love her big brown eyes to pieces!  She's the baby of the family and so so precious.  I have always wanted to do a B&W conversion without using any actions, because I can't ever seem to get what I want when I do it through actions.  Anyhoo, I saw this tutorial over at Ashley Sisk's blog and although I'm a little late on it, I thought I'd try it out.  Late... seems to be the theme of my blog ;0).   


After the B&W conversion:
After b&w conversion
Happily Mother After
I really like how it turned out! Check out Ashley's blog to see her tutorial and a link to the original tutorial!   It was really quite simple and I really like how it turned out.  The original tutorial was done in LR, but I did mine in PSE10.

I opened up my SOOC shot and chose "Enhance"
Then clicked on Convert to B&W in the drop down box
I hit "Ok" in the popup box - now my photo is gray
Then I went to the layers tab and created a "new adjustment layer" for  "brightness and contrast"
I then adjusted the brightness so that the whites were very white and the contrast so that the blacks were darker.
That's it.  Very simple.

Tutorial Tuesday
Happily Mother After the long road 



  1. OMMMMMMGoodness. LOVE the conversion! Really looks perfect. I didn't used to LOVE b&w's as much as I do now, but I'm kinda in love w/ em lately. I feel that you sometimes "see" so much more emotion & the "little things" w/ out the color.

    Fab job pretty lady!

  2. First of all, what a cutie!!!! And this is such a great shot! You did a fantastic job converting it; well done my friend :o)

  3. Oh me oh my! Such cuteness. Loving the shots, oh those eyes! Nicely done.

  4. I especially love this in BW - makes her eyes sparkle.

  5. How funny- I was going to say what Ashley said. Really makes her eyes pop! Well done.

  6. Black and White pics are my favorite! I love the B&W conversion of your little cutie. It seems to bring out the depth in her eyes.

  7. This little Missy is just adorable and I love the way you captured her in the B&W edit. It's just perfect! I'm featuring this photo at this week's Oh Snap!shots of the Week party as my favorite!! :)

  8. WAHOOOOO! OHHH SNAP! Just had to come back & say congrats mama! See how crazy awesome you are?!

    REALLLY hope you'll link up one of your fav shots w/ us for FAF tomorrow) xo


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