Monday, May 7, 2012

Finagle a Foto {Last weeks faves}

Well, Friday was my niece, Abigail's first birthday.  I love my little Abbie, she is such a character.  She's walking well now and knows exactly what she wants and will accept nothing less.  It's quite funny to see her shake her head "no" which is what she did when we tried to get her to try her cake.  She wouldn't have anything to do with it and got quite upset at us for trying lol.  She also holds a grudge, my sister told her "no" about something and it was quite funny to then see her cry everytime my sister would come over heehee.  She is the baby of the family one older sister and one older brother.  It's kind of sad to see the last little baby of the family turn 1.  I sure hope there will be more babies to come!!!  So little Abbie, all those faces she makes, it cracks me up.  My favorite pictures this week are of her at her bday party.




I know these aren't great pics, but I decided that I would deal with the grain cause I had to crank up the ISO to get decent pics.

Happy Jax



  1. such a cutie pie! Really really cute. Joining you from finagle a foto

  2. OH. What a doll face! These are beautiful Beck. LOVE her looking back in the 1st shot, & her little poudy face in the last!

  3. what a beautiful little girl :) sounds like she is a real character too. Lovely photos x

  4. Happy first birthday to your sweetie! How adorable!

  5. she is beautiful! I smiled right back!


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