Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I failed miserably

You ever have one of those moments that you'd just like to forget ever happened, but it did happen and it seems your brain is switched to "loop" and it just keeps playing and replaying in your head?  I had one of those moments at the "event" that I attended.  Blah!!! I have those moments often, but this one stuck.

My bff, Renee, went with me (as I've mentioned before) - she is just the greatest most sweet person I know- and on the way she was trying to prepare me for questions that would be asked.  I just joked around and didn't take it seriously.  Blah.  

We got to the event and there were about 10 of us (direct selling consultants - although I don't know if I can be considered one because I have never sold anything lol).  I tell you, not one person walked through those doors.  It just wasn't advertised well (ya live ya learn, it was still a great opportunity).  So after a while Renee and I just got comfortable, I was knitting and we were just talking.

side story
Oh and I must add here (because this is quite funny), I waited until the last minute to do everything.  The week before the event I tried to order prints for my table and quickly found out how expensive things were and if I wanted them before the event I would have to pay extra blah blah blah ;0).  So I decided to just use my Mom's digital frame, it's pretty big and displayed my photos nicely.  So my table was going to be pretty bare, but I figured it didn't matter because I am a photographer (I just learned that I can call myself that because I take photos heehee - I'm just not professional), so I figured what else do I need on my table?  We went to set the frame up and I couldn't find the stand that morning so I had figured I could just lean it on something (what???? I don't know, I hadn't thought about it! I know, I'm a mess).  It would not stand up, it just kept sliding.  Soooooooooo... I pulled the inside of my camera bag out (the padding with the velcro) and we rigged up a stand.  It looked like a frame diaper.  lol... it held it though.
So Renee got up from the table for a minute and while she was gone another one of the consultants (the Mary Kay lady to be exact) came over and started asking me all kinds of questions.  This is it people, the place were I fell on my face... the place where I wanted to bury my head in the sand.  Pay close attention!!  This is the point of my very long post!!!   I had no idea what to say to her.  She asked me what I did and I somehow spit out the words "I'm an ... uh ---a... photographer"... it felt weird.  I felt like I was lying to her.  Anyhoo, she then asked me if I went to school for it... I said "no, (feeling ashamed) I am self taught" and then I felt even more stupid as I said "everything I've learned, I've learned online".  I could feel her disapproval.  I turned on my frame so she could see my work - it speaks for itself.  She stood there and looked at it as I squirmed in my seat.  She then asked what kind of camera I used.  She saw it sitting on the table and was like "oh, you're a Canon girl, I'm a Nikon girl, myself".  I was like "Oh, you're a photographer too?" she then said "well, I have a camera" and some other stuff that I can't even remember... I then rambled on about how I just got a Canon because my brother had one and I liked it's pics and Nikons tend to be more expensive (I don't know) but that I just have a Canon because I have one... (red face)
To be fair, I may have just taken her the wrong way. I'm sure she is a nice person, I just couldn't read her well at all.
I then asked her about her business to distract from my obvious inexperience and she is actually a pretty successful  Mary Kay consultant.  I almost signed on as she was talking about it (seriously, I almost threw down my camera and asked her how I could sign up).  Needless to say, she will not be calling me for pics anytime soon. 

Anyhoo, I do have a reason for reliving this embarrassing experience with you.  Or at least, I hope I do...
For goodness sake, be ready with answers!  I am not as inexperienced as I seemed.  I have zero experience selling my work, but they don't have to know that.  I failed at selling to her, but I did learn from the whole thing.  The next 2 consultants that came to my booth were very nice and I was able to answer their questions while being both personable and professional.   I have 2 possible clients (although neither have contacted me as of yet). 

I know God can make this successful. I just have to have faith in God and confidence in myself.

Check my blog out tomorrow for my post on what to bring with you to events.

And because I can't write a post without including a pic check out cutie Megan:



  1. Do I need to come all the way over their & punch a "chick" out?! Lol... totally joking(that wasn't very Christian of me, but I was just being silly. Kind of? Lol)

    I have to say, you are the cutest, most witty, SMART, STRONG woman. Not to mention a DANG TALENTED photographer. My favorite line in this was...

    I know God can make this successful. I just have to have faith in God and confidence in myself.

    You got this girl. Because of you, I know how the little idea planted in my head that I could do the whole event thing... and get my little dream started! You are a lot more powerful than you think! The funny thing is, as I read your experience w/ "silly Nikon girl," I could SO relate & imagine feeling the same way. LOVE that you learned from it though, & came back strong. Really looking forward to your post on what to bring to an event!! Thanks mama. XO

  2. P/S Little Megan is beautiful! Such a perfect shot Miss THANG! The lighting is awesome)


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