Saturday, March 10, 2012

A beautiful day!

Well, people, today was gorgeous!  I love spring and though it isn't quite here, I am feeling it already!!   We ran around town checking out places to set up my Easter mini sessions and yes, I am extremely excited about them.  I'm going to do them on the 24th and am not quite sure what the set up will be, but I'm thinking Easter picnic.  Anyhoo, here's a few shots from today.

This one is at the Knoxville botanical gardens and arboretum
IMG_7956 copy
Absolutely gorgeous place, there were 2 weddings set up for today so we didn't get many shots. Here's another one
IMG_79341 copy

Then after all of the driving around we went somewhere for Emma to ride her "bike" for the first time. She was so excited. She finally got the pedaling down, now she just needs to figure out the steering thing.
IMG_8007 copy

IMG_801611 copy

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