Thursday, March 29, 2012

Random Thursday!

I have never hosted a Meme and honestly, I don't know that I could make that kind of commitment... I mean, I'd love to, but I'd worry I'd let people down and forget to do it or something.  Anyhoo, I just wanted to do a Random Linky today...  Randomness is great!
1.This picture makes me happy
What fun!

2. I love Spring!
Peaceful daydream

3. After I have edited for a while nothing looks right and it's hard to be subjective. I don't realize until the next day what the picture really looks like.
Case in point:
Terrible - she looks ghostly and not natural... I thought it was good hahahaha!

4. I love to knit and I'll get the knitting bug and buy bunches of yarn then the bug leaves. I bought some yummy yarn for newborn props and keep trying to get into the mood, but it just isn't happening.

5. I have terrible road rage - something I am working on. It's funny how you can be a nice person that avoids all conflict and then you get into a car and your personality does a 180. Yelling at people and well, just being hateful. I joke that I'm going to start ADA (Angry Drivers Anonymous), of course there probably already is one.

6. I see myself as the high school Becky. In my mind I'm still her, then I look in the mirror and BAM! Reality hits. haha (I wouldn't go back there for the world though)

7. I dream of someday owning my own business.

8. I am changing my major (once more) from Administrative Technology to Web Technology, I've decided that I can do something that makes me happy and I've taken a web design course that just makes me sooooo happy.

9. I am going to take Photoshop that is required for web technology and I will have an excuse for purchasing CS5!!!! I can't wait! Plus I will be taught how to use it!!! (I know, that's a given, I'm just so happy!!).

10. Last one for today, if I ever get to have a Honey Moon (that is if God gives me another husband) I wanna go to Disney world!! :0) heehee

Thanks for stopping in! I hope you'll join me too!! If I get enough people joining in, maybe I will do this every Thursday... I mean, it won't have to be in the same format, it could just be one random thing you want to talk about! GO FOR IT! I'd love to meet you and learn more about you! Right now I will just do the text linky, but if you guys join in, next time I will do the thumbnail linky! Yay! I'm excited!!

Random Thursday



  1. Ahaaa... I never would have thought that sweet beautiful little Becky would have road rage! Thanks goodness... me too! You aren't alone my friend! What exciting new about school, I think that will be a perfect road for you to travel.

    P/S the first shot makes my day! LOVE it, pure joy!!! Happy Thursday mama!

  2. P/S How exciting you have a new linky! Of course I'll join! Yay!

  3. That first photo is too awesome! LOVE the rainbow leggings, too! Hooray for getting to take a photoshop class... how fun!


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