Sunday, February 19, 2012

Alexandria Sneak Peek {Newborn Photography Knoxville, TN}

Hey guys, here's a sneak peek to a newborn session that I did today. I have to say this is by far my favorite kind of photography. Little Alexandria was just 8 days old and the most beautiful little baby girl! She was so sweet and calm most of the time. Of couse when she got a little cold she was unhappy so we tried to keep her warm. I'd get unhappy to if I were cold! Anyhoo, I just enjoyed every moment of it. I wasn't brave enough to do no diaper yet haha, I wanted to, but I am just so inexperienced. I think that will be something down the road when I know what I'm doing somewhat.

Well, hope you enjoy!

IMG_73971 copy

IMG_74811 copy

IMG_74521 copy

IMG_75131 copy

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  1. BECKKKKKKY!!!! Look at you go girl! OMGosh. I am SO proud of you. These are just A-mazing! LOVE everything you did, what a sweet little angel. Swooning over all the cuteness! XO


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