Friday, February 3, 2012

Small Things for Small Ones

I have not been online a lot in the evenings this past week so I haven't gotten any blogging done.  I guess I could go ahead and share with you what I'm doing!  I'm knitting a hat to send to Air1 for a baby at the hospital in Afghanistan.  They are teaming up with Cure International and doing some great things.  I just love the idea of praying over a little hat and the little head that will be inside of it.  They also want us to write out a note just for the family that recieves the hat.  It's small, but it's something!

  Not too long ago the Lord broke my heart for these little babies in other countries.  Especially the ones that are unloved.  That is the hardest thing to think of, but there are precious little babies out there that have no one!  Oh how heart breaking.  I don't know what He wants me to do about it though.  I am praying He leads me where He wants me. 


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  1. Lovely photography, Becky. Love the depth and the red berries, of course.

    How sweet of you to knit a hat for a little baby you will likely never meet. :)


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