Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I still have not lifted my camera to my face since the wedding I shot.  It feels weird.  I really want to join in on photo challenges, but then I just get busy doing other things.  I've knitted 2 hats so far.  Is that right? Knitted?  Or is it I've knit 2 hats so far... I'm not sure.  Anyhoo, I want to do 2 more before the 14th.  Trust me when I say they are not the greatest.  They will keep little  heads warm though and that's what matters. 

Anyhoo, like I said, I haven't picked up my camera (sad), but I did play with photoshop a bit last night (happy).  Here's what I was working on:

Here's after:
After Edit

I was going for creepy, like she was running from something. I love Elements!!! There is so much for me to learn on that program, but if I mess around for a while it usually works out somehow haha!  Please excuse the quality of the photo, I think I resized it too small or something.

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  1. SUPER cool mama! Gosh I really need to get better using Elements like you! Know that I finally have my slr, maybe that will give me the umph!

    Happy Wednesday mama!

  2. Such a pretty PRETTY girl and LOVE what you did with the picture!! Loving your blog. Newest reader!


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