Friday, January 27, 2012


I'm just going to tell you guys, I type out posts and never publish them. It's quite pathetic.   I guess I'm going to be real with you today and also tell you that I'm going through a divorce right now.  We've been separated for 3 years almost and I have been trying to get a divorce for at least 2 of those 3.  It's a long story and you can read about it on my testimony page.  I never ever thought I'd be in this situation, but I walked right into it so it's my fault.

So I've had to make a few trips downtown this week to sign papers and things.  Here are some shots that I took with my iphone.

This one was taken on Tuesday

This one was taken on Thursday about the same time as the first one.
I just realized that I could look out the window from where I signed my divorce papers and see the place where we were married.  Strange.
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  1. Oh my sweet friend... thinking of you. Sounds like you are ready to move forward, & life is just waiting there for you to capture it!

    Praying this goes as easy as possible for you & your sweet girl. God bless you friend! XO

  2. the irony of the last pic is crazy. Prayers for you as you walk through this phase of your life.


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