Thursday, February 9, 2012


Building your brand, building your brand building your brand!!!  Have you ever read so much about one subject and knew less about it afterwards then when you first started reading????  I feel this way about branding.  I guess that's because I've not had any classes on the subject.  I don't know where to begin.  My poor little photography hobby that I want to be a business has had 3 names already and I still am not set on the one I've got now. Right now I am using RSPhotography, which I'm not in love with.  It's for Rebekah Suzanne, I didn't want to use my last name because it is changing and may change again in the future...   I have gone over and over what my logo will look like, but honestly... I have no clue!!!  Every day I happen onto someone else's photography blog and find the most beautifully creative logos, and I don't want to rip someone off... so why can't I come up with my own?  BLAH!  It's the hardest thing, but then I've never been good at coming up with name -  proof is in the title of my blog haha!

I know my photography hobby is not professional level yet and I am cool with that.  There is just so much to learn, but my goal is to come up with my brand and then grow it into a business.  I mean, you can't become a photographer if you have no experience in photography... or atleast I can't.  So why is this branding thing so hard?

So like I said right now my name is RSPhotography here is a list of what I've thought of:
Forget Me Not Photography - I would use a forget me not flower in the logo somewhere.  I like this because my thought was "for the memories you don't want to forget" kind of thing. I actually did pay to use this name already so technically it is my business name (that is if I take money from people -which I don't).

Then I started seeing the trend of using your name as the business name.  I really like the idea, but then it seems a little plain... but I went through:
Becky Sue Photography
Well, that's really all I've got.

Thanks for reading my ramblings today.  Just for that here's another photo from my walk  a few weeks ago:


  1. Lol... now I'm more confuses too! I really love each one of your business names! I can't pick a fav. I thik Forget me not is catchy, cute, & I like the whole "not forgetting a memory" pull. Also I LOVE Becky Sue. It's you, it's simple easy to rememeber, & adorbs. Also RSP is great too. Hahaaa... that didn't help at all sorry mama!

    I LOVE that you are thinking of starting your own photography business one day! You would be great at it!! That is my veeeeery long term goal too. Besides being a mommy, there is nothing I've ever been so passionate about! Here's to our future Becky...! Xo

    BTW, that pic is super duper cool! What the heck is it?! Lol.

  2. Branding is a challenge but it's a good one to have since it sticks with you for so long. I kept mine simple and used my name. I prefer businesses like that but it's really up to you. Very interesting shot.


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