Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Memories Dreams and Reflections 2011

1. Me - I really hate to share this shot... but here it is...
I'm proud that I took part in the Susan G Komen walk this year and not only raised money for a good cause, but I walked 3 miles so that was an accomplishment. Hopefully I will be able to walk it faster this year.

2. I Love you!
i love you

3. Still Laughing!!
i'm still laughing
This is my Papaw's birdfeeder and for years he has fought the squirrels off. They always somehow get the food. This feeder is newer I guess and the squirrels don't have any trouble getting into it... anyhoo, I caught this one in a prayer like pose. Thought my Papaw would enjoy it. :0)

4. Winter Wonderland
Winter wonderland
As we do not get much snow this is what I have to represent the winter ;0)

5. Birthday
# 2 for Emma

6. Friends

7. I was inspired... by my Papaw's birdfeeder to sit and try and catch some birds
i was inspired

8. Spring Fever
spring fever
Dogwood Blooms and incidentally, my very first bokeh! ;0)

9. Vacation
Em at the beach, she would not put that shovel down for anything haha!

10. Summer

11. a day in my life
day in my life
I did this earlier this fall, it was to represent my life then.

12. All Smiles
all smiles

13. Fall

14. Family
I know there's a lot going on in the picture, but it represents Thanksgiving in WV to me and that is where I always feel at home with my family.

15. Celebration
Celebrating the 4th of July

16. Lets do it again
lets do it again
Our church picnic at the park. So nice, such a beautiful day!

17. I miss you
i miss you
I know I still have miss Emma, but I sure miss my little baby Emma. She's growing up too fast! This is just from last spring.

18. Beautiful
Man, I have a mile long list of beautiful people in my life, but I chose to share my sister with you. She will kill me, but oh well haha! She is so beautiful and doesn't know it.  She would've killed me if I had used the shot I wanted to so this is what you guys get haha!

19. Dressed up

20. Macro

21. Holiday
Christmas morning at our house.

22. Favorite
It's very hard to chose a favorite shot. This is my favorite first edit shot.

23. Don't ever change
don't ever change
I had to make a collage for this one, it's my goofy little girl being silly with aunt Jessica. I hope she never changes!

24. Just because
just because so there

25. Hopes and Dreams
hopes and dreams
I hope to keep learning photography.  To move towards a professional level.  I want to be more deliberate with my photos and hopefully have some great things to look back on next year.
For my blog I hope to find some direction. I have all kinds of ideas, but for some reason or another I just don't follow through.

Thanks so much for dropping in.


  1. I love your favorite shot and just because...I also really like the one of you in the beginning. Let's see more of you in front of the camera in 2012.

  2. These are AWESOME Becky! I loved the shot of you! What a beautiful year, & you captured it perfectly. The lets do it again shot is LOVELY! Happy New Year girl!

    P/S I agree w/ Ashley... let's see a LOT more of you in front of the camera! Xo

  3. :) My blog has about 8 directions, does that count? LOL! Loved getting to know you through your post.


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