Sunday, April 22, 2012

Finagle a Foto {#10}

So I know I should totally think about these things, I've read articles about them, but rarely think about it when I'm taking a picture, however... I did think about leading lines when I saw my little Em sitting here:

Leading Lines
leading lines

Ok, look now or forever hold your peace, you will not see many pics of me on my blog right now, however I am in the midst of change in my life so I will be much more comfortable with myself soon. Anyhoo, I just threw this together and I think I'm a nerd... or I like to call myself a dork and ya know what?!? Being a dork is fun! :0)
Let me tell you, it is hard to keep the lighting perfect on these shots.   I have not figured out if you can group edit in elements.  That would be very helpful.  This looks like the light is flickering, but alas it is the editing.

Happy Jax

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  1. Holy moly... your {Inner Geek} shot is SO perfect pretty lady! I too think being a dork is way more fun than being all "normal" & BORING! Oh & your ADORABLE Little Em's shot is the definition of{Leading Lines}.

    Thanks a million for joining us Beck!


  2. LOLOL, I adore your shots, ESP your inner geek.. It's soo cute.. ;)) lol.. Awesome leading lines shot, how cute is your lil model.. She's adorable..;)) GREAT take on the themes girlie.. LOVE these.. Wishing you an awesome Sunday.. ~xo

  3. LOVE your leading lines, she is a doll too! And your inner geek is fab!

  4. Love your animation; too funny! I love your leading lines pic too! Leading lines make the picture so much more interesting. Of course it does help when you have a cutie as a model too ;o)

  5. One goregosu leading lines picture and super awesome inner geek picture!

  6. That leading lines shot is gorgeous!! Love it .


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