Saturday, April 21, 2012

Creating a GIF on Photoshop Elements 10 {tutorial}

I have been meaning to try making a GIF in Elements since I saw that Ashley had done it on CS5.  You can go here and see where I did it on Gimp.   It is very simple and a little tiny bit different then CS5. 

  1. I opened up 5 images in Elements, edited them to my liking  and resized them to be 890x593 for the web.
  2. Copy and paste the 2nd-5th images on top of the first image one at a time in order.  There will be 5 different layers in your first image after you do this step. (you copy and paste by going to the image that you want to copy and use the select tool to select the whole image then go to edit>copy, switch over to the image you want to paste it onto and go to edit>paste) There is most definitely an easier step to this, it is just all I know because I am very new to elements myself.
  3. Now you will go to File > Save for Web  this step will bring up a box with your images. 
  4. On the right side at the top you will check "animate"
  5. At the bottom you will make sure that "loop" is checked and then I left the "frame delay" on 2 but if you'd like it to go slower you can chose a higher number. 
  6.  Hit "Okay" and then save somewhere you will be able to find it.

Then I just uploaded it to my flikr account 
 - Note- it will not show the animation on flikr, but when you post it to your blog you will see it then.

Here's Emma playing in her sand box today.   I can't wait to try this out again.

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  1. Much better than glickr. Thanks so much! I didn't know how to copy and paste images over images as layers so I just used the place button and it worked! I'm so excited!

  2. WOW! This is all SOOOO cool! Great tutorial Beck! Can't wait to have some "mama alone time" to play around & try this!

    LOVE those sweet sandy hands, & the detail is just awesome!!

    REEEEEALLY HOPE you join us for Finagle a Foto Challenge!!

    Would you be interested in being a guest host one of these times? Please say yes!!


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