Tuesday, September 13, 2011

{Texture Tuesday over at Kim Klassen Cafe}

This is yet another shot I took while at Cades Cove, which if you haven't figured out is a historical park/nature preserve type place.  You drive through the loop I want to say it's like 7 miles, but I may be wrong.  I've tried to google it and can't find the distance, but it seems that was what the book said.  Anyhoo, it is a fun filled day of hiking, enjoying the scenery, looking for wild animals such as black bears, deer, and turkey.  We did see a baby black bear on our way out, but that shot is for another day haha.   There are lots of stops to get out and look at (I guess I should've mentioned) you drive your car through.  Actually a lot of people bike through or just walk through (although, I do not see myself doing that, these are people that have trained).  At the stops there are old churches, cemetery's, houses and other farm type buildings.  It's pretty nifty if you ask me. :0)


I didn't end up using this weeks texture, but this is one of Kim's textures, I just don't remember the name right now! I'm at work, so I don't have access to find out.
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*I stand corrected!!! My mom said the Loop is 11 miles, can you imagine walking that?  It isn't all flat either!  It's up down and around!! :0)


  1. This is a work of art - I love your processing and texture work!

  2. Sounds like a great place to spend some time soaking up nature. Your photo is very well done.

  3. My kind of place. This is a gorgeous shot and the texture adds a lot of interest to it.

  4. a truly lovely photo here! I adore the washed out effect, it looks like an etching...lovely!


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