Thursday, September 22, 2011

Just Another Butterfly {Texture Thursday}


I thought all of the grass in the background adds texture to this shot so I'm saying it qualifies ;0).

Happy Thursday guys, hopefully I can get some new pictures taken soon.  It's been dry this week... I mean, I don't have one shot to show for myself.  So sad.  I am actually having withdraws haha!  I am going to the beach in a few weeks and I cannot wait to get there and snap pictures to my hearts content and then edit them WOOHOO!!! Plus I am starting on Faith's SLR photography class next month and I am so excited!!!!  (Can you tell?)
Right now I have a pretty good understanding of my camera, I shoot solely in manual mode, but there is soooo much that I just don't know and I can't wait to see what she has in store for us!

Have a GREAT Friday Eve!! ;0)

The Daily Wyatt


  1. That's a beautiful photo! The grass in the background is great texture! Did you not edit it with a texture then?

  2. Thanks! Nope, it is all natural ;0).

  3. Its totally qualified! I love that you captured the butterfly! this is a lovely photo!

  4. GORGEOUS!! Love this, and I hear you. I haven't taken one photo this week :(

  5. A beautifully composed photo of this Common Buckeye! I loved it!

  6. What a beautiful photo - actually my initial impression was that it was textured! I really like all the colours and of course your clever capture of the butterfly itself just completes it.

  7. Beautiful photography.

    Regards and best wishes


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