Sunday, July 8, 2012

Scavenger Hunt - one great Sunday!

**Patriotic, View From Above, Mosaic, Something Tiny, & Vibrant**

Well, it's been a while since I've taken part in Scavenger Hunt Sunday and I am excited to do it even though I'm almost late on it.  Can't wait to go around and see what everyone else has done.  I had such a great week and Oh my, such a great Sunday.  It was a growing, convicting Sunday.  God had so much for me in the 3 messages that I heard today ~ Sunday school - comfort others (meaning I need to get off my butt and go and help my church members and those around me!!! - be there for others!!).  Morning service - Get out there and live for the Lord, don't just be a Sunday Christian and if I am going to call myself a "Christian" then I need to be one in he way that the Lord views the word Christian (Christ-like) and not how the world views it.  Sunday night - Pray!  Prayer is such a tool and essential in my Christian walk - do it!  Ok, so now you see how my Sunday went, here's my Scavenger hunt goodies:

  We went berry picking on Saturday and so I took a pic from that and did my own version of a mosaic... I don't know I think it's cool. ;0)

At the parade on the 4th our police force had helicopters flying around and well, while this isn't a "view from above" I like to think about the neat view they had from above
view from above

My sweet cheeks and her cousins Rachel and Benjamin being very Patriotic! (at the parade on the 4th)

This purple flower was so vibrant at the fruit and berry patch

Even big blueberries are tiny ;0)
Something tiny

Thanks for stopping in!! Have a GREAT Week!
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  1. Lovely hon! I was so happy to see your name under the hunt link! I just love how big & gorgeous these all are. You go mama B!

  2. Love your mosaic that must of took a long time.


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