Monday, August 22, 2011

Pushing through the Blah

Do you ever find yourself going full force into something to only feel blah about it in a bit?  I hate that.  I guess the thing to do would be to push through the blah.  I know there's some more excitement on the other side of the blah, but it's hard to get through. 

That's how I feel about school right now.  Summer before last I decided I would go back to school (online anyways).  I found a major ,Office Systems Technology/Health care - with this major I can do so many different things, but the great pull towards it was that the jobs could possibly be done at home.  Anyhoo, that first Fall Semester I took 13 credit hours... pretty crazy with a full time job and a 1 year old.  It was tough!!  In the spring I backed off to 9 hours... this fall I'm taking 6 hours.  Yeah, that's a declining slope if you graph it out.

At first I really wanted to do it and get it done,  now I just think, well, just as long as I'm taking classes... I find myself forgetting why I started the classes in the first place.  I need to be able to provide for Emma and me on my own.  I don't want to get a 2nd job that takes me away from her more, so hopefully I can do something at home.  This propels me forward, but not enough to keep me from dreading my classes starting on Saturday.  Well, I guess that's enough whining for a bit. :0) 


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  1. High-5 Girly! I am super proud of you. You have a lot on your plate being a mommy alone. What a great example for your lil girl!!! It will all pay off for sure.


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