Thursday, August 25, 2011

I Can!

I never did share that a few Fridays ago my sister and I walked out to the car at lunch time (we work in the same place) to find a flat.  It was quite mood deflating ;0).   We had planned to jump in the car and go to get some lunch, but our tire had other plans.  (okay, so I know I should've taken pictures, it didn't occur to me until it was changed)

My first thought was "who can I call" and I actually called my mom lol... to see if she had any ideas, but I found my resolve!  I told myself  'We are going to do this ourselves'!  Well, to be truthful my next thought was 'go get a security guard', but I pushed pass that!  So I looked at Jessica and said something like "We can change a tire" (trying to convince myself). 

Got out the thingy that loosens up the lug nuts and placed it on one.  Good grief was it tight!  It wouldn't budge.  So I called my dad ;0).  He told me that I may have to jump up and down on it.  I looked down at my flip flops... told Jessica what dad said.  God bless her, she grabbed onto the side of the car and loosened those stinkin lug nuts!  Okay, so this sight reminded me of a few years ago.

Imagine that I am like 6 or 7 months pregnant, it's in the middle of the Summer and Jessica and I are headed home from work.  Then "THUMP, THUMP, THUMP"... me: "We have a flat".  I pulled over off the road and we got out.  We called my brother.  He came from across town to change the tire for us.  
So it's lunch time and Jessica's loosening the lug nuts, I'm pulling out the spare tire and the thingy that lifts the car up... can't think of the stinkin word right now.  So once I figure the thingy out I start lifting the car, change the tire and Jessica tightened up the lug nuts (I just want to wow you with the fact that I know what they are called lol).   A group of ladies at some point walked by and asked if we would like them to get the security guards... We were like 1/2 way through... sure, why don't you call them out here so we can show them how it's done.   It's so sad that women don't think they can do this stuff on their own... and I am guilty!!  See above! :0) 

So anyhoo, we finished and another group of ladies from our office drove up and asked if we would like for them to get the security guards... so funny.   I mean, we had the tire on the car.  I asked if she was kidding and she wasn't (I think I may have offended her).  She said she wasn't kidding.  The security guard could make sure it was on right...  Okay, now I'm offended. :0)  So no men were involved in the changing of my tire that day.  Just 2 hungry women with no other way to get some food. LOL ;0)  I wonder if we would've had changed it had we not been hungry.

I don't want you to get the wrong idea, I love a good man, (ok, that's funny, like I love a good steak... hahah) I mean it!  Men are great!  I just wanted to know that I can do it on my own (well, I didn't do it on my own, but at least now I know it would be possible)!  I thought, Thank you God for building character that day.   We came a long way from 2 years ago calling my brother to stop his life in order to fix our tire.  Granted I was very pregnant and Jessica had to pee so bad she probably would've peed herself had she tried.  Well, maybe we couldn't have done it then lol.

So you think, good grief, it was just a tire... you changed a flat, not the world, how could you write a whole HUGE post about changing a tire... well, I will tell you... I just could!  It's my blog so there! ;0)  Just kidding haha, but this isn't just about changing a tire, it's about strength, hope (ok, so hope is probably pushing it - although we were hoping for lunch haha), resolve and building character!   I can... instead of I can't.  I'm not praising myself or giving myself a pat on the back, I know it isn't a huge feat in light of all the goings on in the world, but it was a huge event in my small life.  It was epic to me.  I can! :0)

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  1. High-5 Girl! Girls can totally do all that so called "boy stuff!" Big props though, calling the security guard would have been much easier, but not you can do the darn thing when it come to a flat! Yaya!


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